john wheatcroft

“John Wheatcroft has an incredible arsenal of knowledge on the guitar, and puts it all together into a very appealing style that will be appreciated by casual listeners as well as diehard music fans. Most importantly, he really swings”
John Jorgenson

“John is an incredible guitarist with an astonishing technique” – Gary Potter

“Warmly direct, wonderfully open music making. It reflects the guy playing it” – Mike Walker

“John Wheatcroft is an exceptional musician. As a guitarist, he possesses extraordinary virtuosity. His compositions and arrangements are powerful and dynamic. His Ensemble Futur quintet presents an exciting modern take on Django’s gypsy jazz tradition” – Phil Castang (International Guitar Foundation & Festivals)

“A liberal mixture of standards and originals these 13 tracks are the perfect way to appreciate John’s fluidity and speed in one of the trickiest genres around. Varied and beautiful, Ensemble Futur is a delight the ears (*****)” – Guitar Techniques Magazine

“You’ve done that wonderful thing, captured a series of virtuoso performances but it’s all about the vibe and the whole” – Ed O’Brien (Radiohead)

“I can only say that your playing is masterful throughout. Beyond impressive” – Steve Khan