Thanks! Coronavirus Update

I’m finally home, after just under three weeks in hospital after coming down with the coronavirus. Whilst this was a terrifying experience in some respects, with the first week in intensive care, when over the worst I witnessed some truly humbling and inspiring acts of compassion, bravery, selflessness and love. My thanks and deepest gratitude goes out to all the doctors, nurses and all the other NHS staff on the wards, that without a doubt saved my life, along with countless others. All my love to my beautiful Cathy, who had to deal with a whirlwind of chaos on the outside and has looked after me like an angel since I’ve been discharged. Thanks also to all my family, friends and colleagues for their messages, prayers and positive thoughts. It really helped tremendously. Recovery is slow but steady, so the plan now is to get back to the business of making music, whilst not moving from the couch for the new few weeks.

Much love,